Styles of bikini tops and bottoms

Here’s our guide to the different styles of bikini tops and bikini bottoms. To find your next fabulous swimwear piece, it’s good to know what all the different terms mean. So here’s a terminology list of the different types of tops and bottoms you’ll encounter out there. So if you’re wondering what a tankini is or what’s so amazing about a halter neck anyway? We’ve got the answers for you here.

After you’ve read all this, try using our bikini and swimsuit guide to help you find the most flattering bikini or swimsuit for you. You can also try out our Mix&Match series, which is a great way of creating your own perfect bikini using your new found knowledge.

Discover all bikini tops and bottoms styles!

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Types of bikini tops

Different types of bikini tops are good for different types of activites and different types of bodies. Read on to find out which bikini tops you should be trying on.

1. Tankini tops

This is a fusion of the tank top and the bikini. It’s a top that you can swim in! A tankini top provides you with the ease of wear of a bikini and the coverage of a swimsuit. If you’re don’t want to show a lot of skin or if your washboard is a work in progress, this is a great option for you. Have a look at our MM Femme 21 and our MM Naomi tankini tops.

MM FEMME 21 tankini top | MM FACETS 21 bikini bottom

2. Bandeau bikini tops

A bandeau bikini top forms a ‘band’ around your body and it’s your solution to the perfect tan. Our bandeau bikinis come with detachable shoulder straps so that you have the extra support when you need it. Remove the shoulder straps and voilà! a strapless tan.

This PROTEST summer collection has many bandeau styles. We’ve got the MM Madeira 21 and the MM Irma, both with moulded cups and underwire support (handy for the larger bust). The Kitty bandeau bikini is beautifully smocked with button detailing. If you’re looking to bring some glamour to the beach, take a look at the Latin velvet bandeau bikini.

LATIN bandeau bikini

3. Triangle bikini tops

Well, the name says it all. This bikini is made up of two triangles, which cover the chest, and then some straps to hold everything together. This is a great beach babe look and a classic shape. This look is good for the small to medium bust. We like to add extra beading and ties to our triangle bikinis. Have at look at our River or our Ale 21 triangle bikinis and let your inner ‘Bond girl’ out.

ALE 21 triangle bikini

4. Halter neck bikini tops

This is perhaps the most flattering bikini top shape of all time. The halter neck bikini top is made up of two stretched-out triangles of fabric that tie together behind the neck. It provides you with just the right amount of support while also showing some skin. Simple and beautiful. For this style, check out the MM Jessie and the MM Janeiro.

MM JESSIE halter neck bikini top | MM CHARMS bikini bottom

5. Underwire bikini tops

These bikinis have a built-in wire structure that runs under the chest and there are usually also built-in moulded cups. These bikinis are good for the larger busted amongst us, giving extra support to the chest. Check out our MM Fun and MM Punk bikini tops and Idaho underwire bikini.

IDAHO underwire bikini

6. Push up bikini tops

The name gives you a clue. This bikini top serves to ‘push up’ your chest. These bikinis lift the cleavage and are padded under the chest so that your bust is made to look curvier and just more out there! Check out our MM Hanoi bikini top and Eleonore 21 push up bikini.

ELEONORE 21 push up bikini

7. High neck bikini tops

These bikini tops have a high neck line and they’ve got a more sporty look. These bikini forms are practical if you are very active on the beach. Check out our Horizon high neck bikini.

8. Crop top bikini tops

The crop top bikini is a fun, sporty style that is so perfect for the summer. It provides extra coverage, which makes it great for a game of beach volleyball or for a day on your board. Our crop top styles have removable quick-dry cups to maximise comfort. Check out our Elsa and our Prank bikini, both with cheeky ties and printed text.

ELSA crop top bikini

Bikini bottom styles

There are many different types of bikini bottom out there. You just need to find the one that suits you best.

1. Regular bikini bottoms

This is the most common fit. Regular fit bikini bottoms usually sit lower on the hips and there is good coverage of the cheeks. This is the classic bikini bottom and suits most body types. Check out our MM Alba bikini bottom with a sparkly lurex band or our MM Charms with a fabulous printed tropical design. The Sanne halter neck bikini, like many other bikini sets, also has a regular fit bikini bottom.

SANNE halter neck bikini

2. Hipster bikini bottoms

These are the best bikini bottoms if you have plans of action. Hipster bottoms are wide aross the leg so they are good if you are looking for total bottom coverage. We’ve got wide hipster cuts like our cute MM Juliana bikini bottom. Also check out our MM Facets 21, which has a clean finish.

MM HANOI push up bikini top | MM FACETS 21 bikini bottom

3. Cheeky bikini bottoms

Cheeky bottoms are for those ladies who like to show a little more cheek! The cut of these bottoms is more ‘V’ in shape. Cheeky bottoms help to make your legs look longer. For this look, check out our MM Fusions bikini bottoms.

MM ELIZA bikini top | MM FUSIONS bikini bottom

4. Tie-side bikini bottoms

We’ve got quite a few of these in our collection. The tie-side bottoms have straps at the side, which you tie together. This makes it possible to adjust the fit. The tie-side bikini bottom is a good shape for tanning your legs as there is less fabric at the side of the garment. Check out our MM Gobi bikini bottoms.

MM PATIO triangle bikini top | MM GOBI bikini bottom

5. High waist bikini bottoms

The high waist is the new norm for waistlines and it is the trendiest and most flattering two piece for this season. It’s a combination of comfort and style. The high waist accentuates the waist and at the same time covers the stomach. Take a look at our MM Samae bikini where the high waist is combined with a high leg creating a new summer shape.

6. High leg bikini bottoms

The high leg is a flattering look that means more leg is on show. This is usually achieved in combination with a rise in the waistline. The result is longer looking legs and a better tan! The high leg is all the rage this summer so check out our MM Tela.

7. Fold over bikini bottom

This style means that you can choose to fold the fabric of this bikini bottom over at the waist. So this look gives you options. If you want more coverage and support, roll the waist up and if you’re looking to show some more skin, fold the waist down. Check out our MM Guitar and our MM Fusion.

MM CHI triangle bikini top | MM FUSION bikini bottom

8. Swim shorts

Great for wearing when you’re on the sup or surfboard, swim shorts are a fabulous option for the sporty type. We always have a range of swim shorts that can easily be combined with bikini tops and tankini tops in our range. Swim shorts offer full bottom coverage while also looking super cute. Our swim shorts have comfortable elasticated waistbands and some have pockets. How about our Gisela swim shorts in two different leopard prints. Our Redwood 21 swim shorts are part of our PVRE Green series of sustainable clothing. So that’s a win-win!

ALE 21 triangle bikini | GISELA swim shorts


So there’s the list of all the styles of bikini tops and bikini bottoms. We’ve discussed bikini tops like the tankini and the halter neck and bikini bottoms like the cheeky and the high waist bottoms. This will give you a good idea about which of the above garments will look best on your body. Happy bikini hunting!