The ultimate ski wear packing list for your next ski holiday!

Packing list for a ski or snowboard trip

You’ve been looking forward to this all year. It’s nearly time to go on your winter break. There’s a Dutch word that doesn’t really exist in English – it’s ‘voorpret’. It literally means ‘before fun’. It’s the fun you have just thinking about the crazy stuff you’ll do, putting together your outfits and trying to fit it all into your bags. This is our packing list to help you with your ‘voorpret’. Remember to pack all the regular stuff as well, like your toothbrush and passport.

Layer for skiing and snowboarding in three key sections

To get the most out of your ski or snowboard holiday, you need to stay warm and dry out there on the slopes. To do that you’ll need to master the art of layering. We’ve broken the list down into the layers that you’ll be needing. Layering for skiing and snowboarding has three key sections, your base layer, your mid layer and your outer layer. Here goes.

Base layer

Thermal tops
Your thermal layer is the layer that is closest to your skin and it’s most important function is keeping your dry. So it is essential that this layer has serious ‘wicking’ power. This means that moisture is moved away from your skin and through the fabric so that it can evaporate. We have fleece and thermo stretch base layers. Thermo stretch is insulating, breathable and moisture wicking with 360degree stretch. This stretchiness gives you the flexibility you need when in action. Then there’s fleece. Fleece is a great base-layer as it stays warm if wet, is highly breathable and spreads the moisture out so that it can dry quickly. We have thermal tops for women and thermal tops for men.

Thermal trousers
Your thermal trousers are moisture managers and add warmth to your winter outfit. Thermal trousers need to be moisture-wicking, moving moisture from your skin, through the fabric and spreading it out so that it can all evaporate away. If you wear softshell trousers, you can add warmth easily by wearing thermals. We have thermal trousers for women and thermal trousers for men.

Ski socks
Made from a mix of polyester, polyamide, acetate and elastane, our socks will keep your feet warm and dry while on the slopes. Here’s how – the polyester is a moisture manager wicking the wet away, the polyamide and acetate is super durable and is used to reinforce the high wear sections like your toe and heel and then the elastane keeps your socks in shape and on your foot! We have mens and womens ski socks.

Mid layer

The number one function of the mid layer is warmth, keeping the cold out and the warmth in. The warm air is trapped between the fibres in the fabric to keep you comfortable in the cold. Fleece is a great mid layer and we have mens, womens, boys, girls and toddlers fleeces.

Stretchy mid layers
We also have mid layers made from thermo stretch and power stretch tech jersey. These fabrics, like fleece, are insulating and quick drying. This type of mid layer has the added advantage of being elastic, featuring 360degree stretch. This is great for the skiiers and snowboarders who like lots of action and want unrestricted movement. We have mens, womens, boys and girls stretch mid layers.

Donna Mid layer Black
Price 49.99
Color: True Black
Blink Mid layer Black
Price 49.99
Color: True Black
Gavin JR Mid layer Blue
Price 34.99
Color: Space Blue

Why suspenders? Your trousers will stay exactly where you want them, no moving around or falling down. You can even use them to adjust the height of your trousers. The suspenders have a cross back that will stop them from falling off your shoulders. They are fully adjustable with 4 metal clips that can easily be attached to your trousers. The straps are elastic, comfortable and 36mm wide. Available in a wide variety of prints, you can match your suspenders with your outfit. Just so you know, some of our trousers do come with detachable suspenders making it easy for you to change up your look. We have mens suspenders and womens suspenders.

Outer layer

One of the most essential items in your winter wardrobe. Your jacket needs to water-resistant, windproof and warm. Look for water-resistance level, taped seams, zippered packets etc. For info see our ski and snowboard jacket buying guide. We have mens, womens, boys, girls and toddlers jackets.

Timo Ski jacket Black
Price 199.99
Color: True Black
Flynn JR Ski jacket Yellow
Price 119.99
Color: Dark Yellow

Your trousers need to water-resistant, windproof and warm. Look for water-resistance level, taped seams, zippered packets etc. For info see our ski or snowboard trouser buying guide. We have mens, womens, boys, girls and toddlers salopettes and trousers.

Owens Ski trousers with suspenders Green
Price 109.99
Color: Green Spray
Sunny JR Ski trousers with suspenders Pink
Price 89.99
Color: Think Pink

Ski gloves or mittens
Cold hands can seriously effect your fun on the mountain. Choose between gloves or mittens. Here’s a tip, if you’re prone to cold hands, mittens are generally warmer. Our snow gloves and mittens feature Climashield™ insulation. This is a seamless ultra-thin inner glove which is both waterproof and highly breathable. There is high performance waterproof textured rubber at the palm and fingers providing extra grip.

The gloves are lined with Bemberg™ fabric providing the necessary warmth in those low temperatures, even when wet. Adjustable cuffs and elastic at the wrist keep the snow and cold out. A softer fabric at the thumb serves as a nose wipe. The Protest gloves and mittens are designed to help you get the most out of your winter adventure and feature some of the collection’s awesome prints. We have mens, womens, boys and girls gloves and mittens.

A large amount of your body heat is lost through your head so remember to keep it covered. A beanie helps to accessorize your look and keep you warm at the same time. We have a wide range of beanies with different fits from relaxed to regular. Some are double-layered for maximum warmth and some have a fleece inner band to keep your headwear in place while you are carving up the slopes. See our beanies for men, women, girls and boys.

Hiker 20 Beanie with pom pom Brown
Price 19.99
Color: Tortilla
Burham 20 Beanie Blue
Price 17.99
Color: Space Blue
Casper Beanie White
Price 19.99
Color: Kitoffwhite

Snow boots
When not out on your skis or snowboard, you’ll need something to keep your feet warm. We’ve got a great selection of snowboots which are lined for extra warmth. The soles are made from waterproof rubber which also has awesome grip for those slippery conditions. Check out our snowboots for men and women.

We asked our team riders which other things they always have on their packing list for a day on the mountain…

Andri Ragettli, freestyle skiier
‘Always sunscreen(Daylong +50), water, bandana and a day pass’

Camille Armand, snowboarder
‘Tea thermos, something to eat, a hood to protect me from the sun, and sunscreen, any brand will do’

Veroniqi Hanssen, snowboarder
‘Goggles, Ashbury lip balm and sunscreen, Salt&Stone ski socks, Skullcandy or Jabra headphones’

Isabelle Hanssen, freestyle skiier
‘My music is my must have item besides the obvious items on the mountain. Using spotify for music with Jaybird wireless headphones for comfort! Gotta have those tunes to energize me. And snacks!! Always need to have some snacks that I can eat on the go so I don’t have to take long breaks and I can keep going, a banana, energy bar and a Monster Energy Drink’

BOWIE blouse | EVE trousers | PAISLEY 20 beanie | FINGEST gloves


So there you have it. That was our packing list for your ski and snowboard holiday, with a couple of extras thrown in by our riders. In summary, remember to pack base layers, mid layers, outerwear, ski socks, beanies, gloves, suspenders and a selection of clothes for your après-ski and downtime of course! And have fun out there.

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