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A warm winter jacket is a must-have. We offer a wide selection of women's winter jackets, from long parkas to short bomber jackets. Happy shopping!

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Don't get stuck in the cold this winter: stay warm and cosy in the perfect winter jacket! Don't worry if you got a late start this year, you still have time to buy your new winter jacket online. Browse through our extensive collection of winter jackets online and get inspired. We add new styles to our winter jacket collection every year, all designed according to the latest trends and technical developments. Happy shopping!

Long winter jackets
Long winter jackets, also known as parkas, never go out of style and are perfect for the coldest days of the year. Parkas have become increasingly popular over the years, and we know why! They combine the best of both worlds: warmth and style. Long winter jackets keep out the cold wind and keep your trousers dry if your bicycle saddle happens to be wet.

Short winter jackets
We also carry a wide range of short winter jackets. These jackets tend to have more padding in order to offer the same degree of warmth – and warm they are! Our short winter jackets are just as cosy as our long ones and come with functional add-ons, such as a hood and a high collar to protect your upper body from the elements.

Warm women's jacket
While warmth is a certainly an important quality in a winter jacket, everyone perceives warmth differently. Some people are never cold while others start to feel chilly when the temperature dips below 20 °C. If you tend to get cold quite quickly, you'll love our collection of winter jackets! A jacket doesn't necessarily have to be thick to be warm. While padding certainly plays an important role in heat regulation, a jacket also has to be wearable. In our design process, we always keep in mind other factors, such as a high collar and choice of fabric.

Waterproof winter jackets
Warmth isn't the only factor to keep in mind when choosing a winter jacket. In a country that gets as much rain as the Netherlands does, waterproofing is just as important. There's no way to make a jacket 100% waterproof, as you wouldn't be able to walk under the weight of the tape on the inside. At Protest, we believe in creating functional winter jackets, which is why we designed our jackets with four degrees of waterproofing: low, average, high, and very high. The degree of waterproofing is defined by the K-factor, whereby 5K is low, 8K is average, 10K is high, and 20K is very high. For more information about waterproofing, read our guide: Water resistance and breathability of ski wear.

Different styles
Winter jackets come in different lengths and different amounts of padding. They also come in different styles, such as parkas, down jackets, quilted jackets, and soft shell jackets. Each style has its own unique advantages. For example, quilted jackets tend to be the warmest and soft shell jackets tend to be the most comfortable. One thing all of our winter jackets have in common: they're sure to become your best friend when the temperatures start to drop! We have the perfect jacket to suit your preferences and needs.

Different colours
Our winter jackets come in a wide variety of colours and prints, ranging from classic black and grey to bright green and red for a bolder look. Protest is known for its use of striking colours and prints. Thanks to the wide variety of colours and prints, our winter jacket collection has something for everyone. No two styles are the same!

Different sizes
Size is another important quality in a winter jacket. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and jackets should too. Our winter jackets range in size from XS to XXL. Be sure to keep the different fits in mind when choosing your new winter jacket. Some jackets have a regular fit, with a standard drape and fall. Others have a slim fit, which is more fitted and tailored. You don't have to keep fit in mind when choosing the size of your jacket, as this was taken into account during the sizing process. If you're debating between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size for a slim-fit jacket and the smaller size for a regular-fit jacket.

Sporty winter jackets for women
The biggest advantage of shopping for a new winter jacket at Protest: most of our winter jackets double as ski and snowboard jackets! This means skiers and snowboarders get a two-for-one deal on our winter jackets. These jackets can be identified by their technical specifications, such as the lift pass holder (usually a zip pocket on the left sleeve) and a waist gaiter, which helps keep out the snow when you take a tumble. These specs are perfect both on and off the slopes. The lift pass holder, for example, can be used to store money or a bank card and the waist gaiter helps to keep out the winter chill. Some styles even have a removable waist gaiter!

Winter jacket SALE
At the end of each winter season, all of our winter jackets go on sale. The sale doesn't include jackets from the new collection, but you can find jackets from previous collections for a great price. This means you can shop for on-sale winter jackets year-round!
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