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Looking for some new swimwear but not sure which style to choose? We carry a wide selection of men's swimwear in different styles, ranging from casual swim shorts to technical board shorts to sporty fitted trunks.

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Hey guys! Why make things harder than they have to be? Who wants to walk from shop to shop in search of the perfect swimwear? No one, which is why shopping for swimwear online is so popular! You can shop when it suits you best from the comfort of your own home. Our online collection includes a wide range of styles, from trendy beach shorts to swimming trunks. You're sure to find the perfect pair for you!

Different swimwear styles
When it comes to style, everyone's different. This is why we our men's swimwear collection to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences. Some men prefer a more fitted look in the form of swimming trunks or slips, while others prefer looser-fitting swim shorts. Still others prefer board shorts, which stay in place during activities like surfing. This page contains our collection of swimwear in different styles.

Different swimwear lengths
Swimwear comes in different styles and different lengths. The best length for you depends on several factors. For example, short swimwear is ideal if you plan on playing a game of beach volleyball or beach football. They're also perfect for soaking up the sun and getting a good tan. Long swimwear has a different style and are often designed with surfers in mind. Partly for this reason, long swimwear often has extra specs that come in handy while surfing, such as extra stretch, a zip pocket, or an elastic lanyard. These specs can make all the difference when you need it most.

Swimwear in different colours
These days, men's swimwear comes in a wide variety of colours, which makes it easy to find the perfect pair for you. If you want all eyes on you at the beach or pool, go for bright yellow, bright orange, or bright pink swimwear. To really steal the show, go for neon! Those with a more modest style can shop our wide selection of black, grey, and dark green swimwear. Whichever colour you choose, all Protest swimwear is designed according to the latest swimwear trends.

Swimwear in different prints
When it comes to prints, men have plenty to choose from. The Hawaiian print, which is characterized by large flowers, leaves, and palm fronds, is a well-known and popular style. Camo is another popular print and is widely used throughout the fashion industry. We're also seeing the rise of microprinted swimwear, such swimwear is printed with tiny palm trees and boats. This is a big step up from your everyday swimwear!

Swimwear in different sizes
Our men's swimwear is available in a variety of sizes. After all, size should never stop anyone from enjoying a day at the beach or the pool. For this reason, most swimwear in our summer 2020 collection is available in a new size: XXXL. This means you can now shop for stylish swimwear in sizes XS to XXXL!

Shop the swimwear SALE
At the end of each summer season, all of our swimwear goes on SALE – the perfect opportunity to snag some cheap swimwear! Tip: be sure to order your favourite items fast, before your size sells out. To be the first to find out when our sales start, subscribe to our newsletter. We'll also keep you up to date on our latest collections and other interesting developments.

Can't find what you're looking for?
If you can't find the swimwear you're looking form, try searching by category: swim shorts, boardshorts, swim trunks or swim slips. If you're still not sure which style would suit you best or if you have another question, feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to help you find the perfect men’s swimwear.
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