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Lambda School of Computer Science and Web Development

Lambda School is a 9+ month Computer Science & Software Engineering Academy that provides an immersive hands-on curriculum with a focus on computer science, web and mobile development, UX design, and data science. During my time at Lambda School, I:
  • Approached coding challenges using pair programming.
  • Utilized agile software development and Git workflow on all projects.
  • Gained hands-on experience with client and server testing.
  • Designed original user experiences across a range of web and mobile platforms, from ideation, to wireframing, to final product.
  • Completed all curriculum course work including: React, Redux, Node, Express, Jest, Python, etc.
  • Wrote production-ready code using React, Redux, and CSS on the frontend and Node and Express on the backend to build single page applications.

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    Conway's Game of Life

    Conway's Game of Life is the most known Cellular Automaton invented by the British mathematician John Conway in 1970. It is actually a zero-player game, its evolution is determined by its initial state, and a certain set of rules requiring no further input afterwards. One interacts with the Game of Life by creating an initial configuration and observing how it evolves.

    covid tracker

    COVID-19 Tracker

    An application used track COVID-19 cases, recoveries and deaths around the world. Built using React, Chart.js, Material-UI, Leaflet and deployed with Firebase.

    adaptivapps picture


    An application built to enhance communication throughout the ACS community by providing communication tools, such as user to user messaging and admin announcements. A build-on project completed with 5 team members in 8 weeks. The frontend was made using React, Material-UI, AWS(Amplify), auth0, Apollo Client. The backend was made using the Prismatopia Stack (Apollo, Prisma, Postgres, GraphQL, AWS, Docker), and Node.js. (Project walkthrough coming soon)

    expense tracker

    Expense Tracker

    A Full Stack Expense Tracker application built for users to track their income and expenses. Built using React hooks, Context API, MongoDB, Express, and Node.js.